Famine in Ethiopia

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September 11







A Sample of 'INSIDE REPORT' in the Charlotte Observer (Charlotte, NC - Sunday, April 16, 2000)

Prolonged drought puts 16 million at risk in (Ethiopia)

'Children by the hundreds already have perished...'

'... as many as 16 million people are at risk in 10 countries accross east and central Africa...'

'Two hundred children younger than 5 died here in March ...., children have been dying at the rate of a dozen a day since February.'

'"I came from a very far place," said Keh Ibrahim, 30, who left a village called Orbiso on a 10-day walk in search of relief. "Many people used to live there." She left the day after her husband died. Two of her eight children began the journey so malnourished they were strapped to a donkey. After three days she buried her 6-year-old daughter by the side of the road. The next day her 7-year-old was no longer breathing. "My children died after they did not get any food for four days," Ibrahim said. "We are better off here, except there is no medical trearment and we are sick."

'The bones of a year old girl, who arrived April 4, make a mask of her face, divided by the tube through which a doctor pushes syringes of saline. Emaciated by hunger, her health has been further damaged - probably fatally, the doctor says - because she drank filthy water. "She should be on an IV," said Abdiaziz Ukash, the doctor. But the hospital has nothing to offer.

"... many countries that pledged donations failed to deliver, ... drawing away from sending aid to Ethiopia because of the border war."


However, there is something YOU can do

Functioning as "the hands of God"

(this would be a good thing to do for any godly person or christian)


Action Against Hunger     Concern Wordwide US    Catholic Relief Service   

Adventist Development and Relief Agency (1-800-424-2372)

Food for the Hungry

International Aid     Lutheran World Relief

Mercy Corps International (1-800-292-3355 ext. 250)

Operation USA    Oxfam America    Save the Children

United Methodist Committee on Relief

US Fund for UNICEF     World Relief     World Vision