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Let me start by stating that I am a Christian. There are many connotations applicable to the word 'Christian', such as 'bigot', 'hypocrite', 'holier than thou', 'fanatical simpleton', etc.. I do not want to go into the details of any of the particular aberrations that may come to mind here. It is my intention, however, to use this site as a method to shed some light on apparent contradictions in the attitudes and lives of Christians with respect to the beliefs and faiths they claim to adhere to.

To be IN the World and not belong to the World is an increasingly difficult undertaking. Especially when living in one of the most prosperous countries in the World.

One of the purposes of this WebSite is to invite American Christians to take a good and hard look at the reality of their wealth (as compared to the rest of the World). And to consider the possibility that the blessing of it lies not necessarily in the use of it for self gratification or "Life Style", but rather in the sharing of it.


The random commercials appearing on all pages of this site are a purposeful consequence of this site being hosted for free and an example of being IN the World.